stats_305As reported by the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, Edmonton housing prices in February rose somewhat significantly in February compared to the previous month, and even higher when compared to the same period last year. Specifically, February sales rose 3.7% vs. January and 5.7% vs. February/11, with the all-residential average at a rather lofty $329,911.

 “Average prices in February were higher than the year-long average price for last year,” commented Doug Singleton, president of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. “Buyers seem to have confidence and REALTOR® offices are reporting solid traffic. This is lifting prices up and they are already higher than at the same time in the past two years.”

Other key statistics from February also point to…

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trail_640I love Edmonton, and proudly call the city my home and my “workplace” as well. And one of my favourite communities to visit and work is Ambleside.

Indeed, there’s so much to love about this charming and unique community – it’s really something you have to personally experience to truly appreciate. However, I’ll do my best by giving you a brief thumbnail sketch of why Ambleside is truly an outstanding place to live and raise a family.

Ambleside is...

  • Incredibly accessible and very “walkable.” So if the thought of quaint walkways, trails and paths inspires you to get your running shoes on, then you’re in luck!
  • Full of natural, green spaces including three parks (with more on the way!). The parks are well maintained and ideal for families and…

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stats_340As reported by the Realtors Association of Edmonton, housing prices in January followed a “business as usual” pattern for this time of year: slightly lower prices than December, and about the same volume.

“We are predicting a slow but steady growth pattern for the market in 2012 and, as usual, this year started off slowly but is already showing signs of strength as we roll into spring,” commented Doug Singleton, President of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton. “Listing and sales activity is up markedly as compared to a year ago. Listings in January as compared to December are up over 126%.”

In terms of specific numbers for January:

  • The average price of a single family detached (SFD) home dropped 1.1% from the previous month to $362,926, but…

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