There are many lifestyle factors to consider when moving into a new home. Suitable amenities located near a property are significant things to evaluate during the decision process – this includes amenities for any four-legged family members as well! Having a pet can be a major influence on where you choose to call home, and if you’re interested in relocating to Central Edmonton, there are some key variables to keep in mind.

In-home considerations

Barking is going to happen; however, this becomes more of an issue when you’re living in a denser environment like Central Edmonton. People are going to be living closer to you, therefore making them much more susceptible to any noise. You’ll need to be more mindful of any disruptive sounds you and…

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You might think you're well-versed in some of Edmonton's top neighbourhoods, but how well do you know them really? Take my quiz to find out!

Featured listings by neighbourhood

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When it comes to sporting events, it doesn’t get much bigger than the Olympics. With years of planning and preparation, millions (and even billions) of dollars are spent on building new infrastructure, as well as on promoting the host city on a global scale. This year’s summer Olympics have placed the spotlight on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the games are now underway. The globe is not only watching the games, but everything happening within the country before, during, and even after the big event.

The Proctor team has been examining the real estate market in Rio and how it has been affected by one of the world’s most coveted athletic shows. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

A Reason for Concern

The Olympic athlete’s…

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The all residential average sale price for the month of July remains strong at $384,504 while single family homes saw an increase in average price of 3% to $450,366. Although overall condo sales were 30% lower last month than they were in July, 2015, the average condo sale price remains roughly the same, while the median sale price increased by 6.1%.

“We can attribute much of the average price increase to the strength of high end home sales. When we look at the median price of residential properties, we see a clearer picture of what is happening to prices. The median sales price for all residential is up less than a percent from last year. We are continuing to see strong stable pricing throughout the Edmonton region despite slower sales,” says…

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