As a realtor, one of the most common questions I receive is whether or not people should rent or buy their home. While you can guess in which direction I lean (buy!) I would never want to push someone into a direction that wouldn't be right for them. A client of mine may be more inclined to pick one over the other depending on what their goals are and what their financial situation currently is or will be. In order to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to buying or renting your next home, I've outlined some benefits and some drawbacks that come with each option!

Pros of Renting:

1. Renting can sometimes cost a fraction of home owning costs, especially when you consider costs like maintenence fees. Most banks agree that first-time…

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View post on Buying your first home can come with a lot of anxiety, especially with all of the technicalities that are involved with real estate.  But I want to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s working with the owner to get the best deal or ensuring that all of the necessary paperwork is handled, I want to make this transition as stress free as possible.  In order to show you what some of my past clients have experienced when buying their first home, I’ve interviewed Helen, a past client who I've worked with twice. 

Chris: Tell me about your goals with finding both your first and second home. Were there any features that you absolutely wanted either home to have?

Helen: I was looking for something different both times, but I wanted a…

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During my time as a realtor, I’ve helped people find homes all throughout Edmonton. Over the years, I’ve discovered a simple way that property owners can increase their chances of selling their homes. 

Not only are more people exposed to the listing, but they’re also more interested in visiting the home. Buyers are willing to pay more because they consider the property to have a higher value. The best part of all? It is of no additional cost to you.

But what is this secret? It’s something that I do with every one of my clients: hire a professional photographer.

Why would a buyer step into your home if they don’t have a good understanding of what the place looks like? From my experience, one of the easiest ways sellers can differentiate their listings…

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