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A few weeks back we talked about the 5 renovations that pay off but these week we are discussing the opposite: which renovations don’t add value to your home? Depending on your personal taste and interests, you might be surprised to see some of the items on this list.

To be clear, if you already have a home that has one of these things, that’s not automatically a bad thing – just realize that each of the mentioned points below make it a bit harder to sell. The key theme here is trying to cater your home to the largest group of people so it has a much easier time selling.  

1. Deck

I know what you’re thinking…who doesn’t love a deck? While it’s true that a deck usually increases desirability of a particular home, it doesn’t necessarily mean the

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Even the best properties in the most booming economies can struggle to sell when something is “off” about it. Whether you are buying or selling, there are a few common real estate deal breakers that put up red flags and ruin what could otherwise be a successful sale.

Make sure you avoid making these mistakes when buying (and selling) or risk letting your dream home slip through your fingers!

1. Unrealistic price

It should come as no surprise that the most common real estate deal breaker is due to unrealistic expectations from the seller on price. In other words, it’s too expensive!

SOLUTION: Sellers need to be sensitive to what the market demands and sometimes this can be difficult depending on the price you purchased your home for and the

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The latest Edmonton real estate market stats for February 2014 are in and showing quite a bit of promise. With an amazing 24% increase in home sold, buying season is getting an early (and strong) start this year.

There is no question that February was a busy month for realtors in the Edmonton area. Greg Steele, President of the REATLORS Association of Edmonton, echoed these sentiments while noting that spring is only beginning and we should look forward to higher sales this month and moving forward into 2014. This is great news if you are selling but also if you are buying as a slight increase in listings will provide some balance to the market and give buyers more options.

Check out some of the highlights from the Edmonton real estate stats for

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You can tell spring is around the corner because this month is stacked with exciting Edmonton events and great concerts across the city. It’s a good time to start getting outside of the house and absorbing yourself into one (or several) activities.

Despite our cold weather, you’ll have no trouble finding something to do this month whether it’s tasting fine cuisine from an Icelandic chef, checking out some “art-in-motion” at the Expanse Festival or enjoying some rum and whiskey tastings at Wine & Beyond. Concert season also seems to be ramping up with Edmonton concert listings featuring Lady Antebellum, ZZ Top, Yes, T-Pain and even famous up and coming comedian Bill Burr.

Edmonton Events For March 2014

Harry Potter: The Exhibition

March 4 –

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Buying your first home is an exciting but also daunting task. While you are trying to find the perfect home for you and your family, you have to worry about the paperwork, technicalities, and legalities. Working with Chris, that part of the home-buying process was taken care of. When my brother and I bought our first home, Chris took the time to explain the process to us step by step, and I felt the process was really simplified. He explained all the details, provided advice as required, and answered all our questions, sometimes before we even asked. He worked around both our fulltime schedules, and was constantly in contact with us, even if it had to be early morning, later in the evening, weekdays, or weekends. What I appreciate the most about Chris is the fact that he is devoted to his clients. The first time I saw my home, we did not actually go in to see it, because there was an offer on it. Chris followed up on it and a couple of days later he let us know that it was back on the market. We put in a competing offer and unfortunately the sellers went with someone else’s offer. Yet again Chris kept us in the loop about this house, and for whatever reason, the sale did not go through. This time around, the sellers accepted our offer, and everything worked out. If it was not for Chris’ diligence and dedication, we might have missed out on what was meant to be ours. It is a beautiful home and I thank Chris so much for his hard work. He helped us find exactly what suited our family. He was always available and easy to get a hold of. He pointed out both pros and cons of each house we looked at, and I appreciated his honesty. It was not just about making a sale, but helping us find what we needed. I would without doubt recommend him to anyone buying a home, whether it is their first home or not, and I will definitely be coming back to Chris if I need to buy or sell a house in the future.

- Nada Nsier – Medical Laboratory Technologist, BSc (MLS)

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