Which Home Decor Trend Matches Your Personality?

Whether you're an introvert, extrovert, minimalist or free spirit, there are different home design hacks that'll get your home in tune with your personality.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the biggest investment you’ll make in your life and also where you spend the majority of your time. You should feel most at ease when you’re at home, so make sure you have a space that truly reflects your personality and individual style. Not sure what your personality is defined as? Check out the Myers-Briggs assessment – in 15 minutes you’ll have a detailed personality report! 

The Extrovert

Known for being outgoing and the life of the party, extroverts thrive in social settings. If you identify yourself with these characteristics, then creating an entertaining space that's suitable for hosting friends and family is a smart choice. Bright, inviting, and fun decor throughout the home will also appeal to this personality style.

The Introvert

Often described as a person who prefers spending more time alone or in smaller groups, an introvert's home is definitely a place of solitude. Creating a little retreat in your home will certainly appeal to your needs. Spaces like a reading nook or hobby room are great ways to satisfy this personality. Using calm tones and a decor palette that inspires a relaxed environment will keep you comfortable and happy in your home.

The Collector

If you hate throwing things out and are often compared to a pack rat, then maximizing your home’s space is key. Keeping your collections organized will make you much happier in your home, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re decorating. Get creative with shelving and storage solutions - and don’t forget about all that dead space! Those forgotten nooks and crannies often have a lot of hidden potential.

The Minimalist

When it comes to minimalism, your interior design options are endless and far from boring. Functionality is key for those who crave the clean and uncluttered look. An effective layout and versatile furniture will help keep your space clear. When it comes to decor, less is usually more. Sticking with classic pieces and a simple palette will appeal to your minimalist cravings.

The Free Spirit

There are really no decor rules when it comes to this personality type. Whatever your heart desires for decor or furniture styles is fair game! For the items in your home that are a bigger investment it is important to choose something that has more of a timeless appeal, or something that you can easily switch up with a simple DIY project (think: painting old furniture or recovering couches). The more personal touches you have the better, so don’t be afraid to proudly display the treasures you’ve collected from your travels or the mismatched frames that house your beloved photos.

The Professional

If you like things to look orderly and professionally put together, then this is style for you. Plan out your home’s decor and overall interior design look by choosing a pattern or colour palette and sticking to it. Keep clutter at bay with clever organization and stay true to achieving a cohesive home design to create a professional haven.

Are you looking for a new home that fits your personality type? Contact me, Chris Proctor, for more information about finding an Edmonton home that best suites you!

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