Preparing for Winter Home Tours & Open Houses

Are you a home owner currently trying to sell your home? With the winter chill affecting many parts of the country right now, it’s a good idea to think about making your home tours or open house go by a little more smoothly for potential buyers.

While many people focus on staging their home for tours, sometimes you forget that beyond everything, safety should be your prime concern. Depending on your area, safety might mean different things, but it’s always best to be prepared for the worst; no one wants to get sued by someone who might have otherwise bought their home!

Before the winter weather hits your area full force, go out and pick up supplies for your house and yard. It happens the same every year, people don’t think about their lack of snow and ice supplies until their community is a frozen wasteland and by then it’s too late; everyone else has bought all of the snow gear.

Some things that you may need:

  • A good snow shovel: Even if you live in an area where snow blowers are a part of the essential winter accoutrements, a snow shovel is usually an important tool to have. If you don’t already have one, or if yours just needs replacing, go out and get one now while you’ll still find a decent selection. A good snow shovel can get into places that a snow blower can’t and the only power it requires is that which is provided by you (or your kids!).
  • Ice melt: Whether you use plain rock salt or a fancier product, get your hands on some ice melt early in the season. Since it usually freezes at night more frequently than it snows, you will probably use this a lot. Ice melt is especially useful if you have a sloped driveway or walkway.
  • Sand: If you’re not using an ice melting product that includes sand in its mixture, a bag of sand can be a great help to add traction to icy surfaces such as driveways, walk ways, and sidewalks.

Tour Tips:

  • Keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow as much as possible, while shovelling fresh snow might be a bit of a bother, shovelling refrozen snow can be a huge hassle.
  • If you get a build-up of ice due to freezing rain or re-freezing of partially melted snow, throw some sand over the icy surface to help with traction issues.

No matter what kind of weather there is, it’s important to make sure that your guests can arrive and depart safely from your home. Take a bit of time and make sure that potential buyers feel like they are welcome guests to their future home!

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Patti and her team (photographer, home stager, office staff) did an great job of selling our house for us, quickly and efficiently. As first-time home sllers (even though long-time home owners), we were nervous about all the details and legal aspects of selling our home. Patti guided us through the intricacites, often answering our questions before we even needed to ask them. She was always quick to respond when we thought up yet another question before the new oweners took possession. From our first contact with her to the final key handover, she was positive, friendly, thoughtful, and thoroughly professional. Highly recommended!

- Catherine McPhalen

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