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Buying your first home can come with a lot of anxiety, especially with all of the technicalities that are involved with real estate.  But I want to help you every step of the way. Whether it’s working with the owner to get the best deal or ensuring that all of the necessary paperwork is handled, I want to make this transition as stress free as possible.  In order to show you what some of my past clients have experienced when buying their first home, I’ve interviewed Helen, a past client who I've worked with twice. 

Chris: Tell me about your goals with finding both your first and second home. Were there any features that you absolutely wanted either home to have?

Helen: I was looking for something different both times, but I wanted a home that felt warm and well taken care of. Our goal with the first home was to have a place where we could start a family, while the second home was more about getting something to move our kids into. We really love old bungalows that we could fix up, so having a home that had potential was a crucial part of what we were looking for. While we were able to find our second home on our own, we couldn't have done any of the negotiating and due dilligence in terms of the legal matters without your help. The deal almost fell through, but thanks to your hard work, we were able to get the home without any major headaches. 

Chris: Was their a particular reason why you chose the neighbourhood?
My husband and I both preferred being in an area that had mature lots and trees; we also wanted to be central to the city so that we could get around easily and get out of town to visit our extended families. The neighbourhood had a good reputation because many of the people that lived there also had or were in the process of having a family.
Chris: How long were you on the market before you found an agent?  

Helen: We first got to know Patti, but after we connected, I felt like we clicked instantly. I had something specific in mind and we worked with you to come up with a criteria. Whenever we spoke, I never felt like you pressured me into looking at a home I had no interest in. I've had some experiences in the past where agents ignored what I wanted and took me to homes that were nothing like what I wanted. After visiting multiple houses with them, I could feel their frustration. This was never the the case when I worked with you. By sitting down and discussing what I was looking for, we were able to create a list of  flexible and necessary aspects of what I needed. Also, I never felt like you were doing any "hard selling;" all you did was lead us to the places that you thought we would like and let us make the decision on our own. There were times when I knew as soon as I walked through the door that it wasn't something that I wanted. Instead of getting mad or annoyed, you just took us to the next home. 

Chris: How did you decide that this was the right time to buy your first home? What about the second home? 

Helen: We were looking to start a family with our first home. We weren't in a hurry, but we also did not face any pressure to move out of our then current home. With the second home, it was more of an impulsive decision. We saw a home that we wanted and loved it because it was spacious. We have young children and we wanted to give them some space to play.  

Chris: If you could speak with someone who's looking to buy a home, what would you tell them? 

Helen: Work with someone that you're comfortable with in terms of looking for a place. I think that people often believe that they need to commit to the first person they find, but in my experience, it's best to shop around in order to find someone with the right fit. The worst thing you can do is stick with someone who doesn't listen and understand what you want. Rather then trying to sell them the latest home on the market, your agent should be patient, especially when it comes to looking at multiple homes. 

The reason why I've worked with you again and have passed your name around to everyone I know is because you're that perfect mix of easygoing and hard working. If I had any questions or concerns, you would get back to me as soon as you were available. You went beyond and above my expectations.

If you or someone you know would like to be featured on the blog, give me a call at 780-438-2500 or email me at I'd love to speak with you and see how I could help you buy or sell your home!


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