What You Should Know When Buying Older Edmonton Homes

I’m a big fan of the older homes you can find in Edmonton and understand why they are often very appealing to a first time home buyer. While it is true that older homes can have a lot more character and individuality than some newer homes, older homes can also have their own problems. There are two common areas where older homes tend to end up costing a first time homebuyer more than they anticipated but a good realtor® can help you avoid these problems and make sure that you get the home you expect.

Due to the climate, a major potential problem area in Edmonton’s older homes is heating and for any first time home buyer this may be a really complex issue. Even 20 years ago, the heating systems in common usage were far less efficient than the ones that are used now. While an oil furnace may provide excellent heating, having a tank of fuel oil in the basement is not always acceptable to homeowners. First time home buyers need to have someone to guide them through the various areas of heating and let them know how much upgrading or replacing an inefficient system is likely to cost them.

Another common expensive issue with older homes is windows. In the past, homes tended to be far more hand-crafted than they are today, a feature which often draws home buyers’ interest to older homes. In many cases, a first time home buyer will become enchanted with antique windows or doors and other features that make a home unique without realising the potential cost they can represent. Beautiful as they are, these features are often very energy inefficient and can be very expensive to replace or otherwise upgrade. To make sure that you understand how much that inefficiency will cost in the long run, a Realtor® can be a great asset.

A quality Realtor® can help you determine the additional costs of any repairs, renovations, or upgrades that can change an old drafty house into an energy-efficient character home that will get you through a chilly Edmonton winter comfortably. They can help you by sharing their knowledge and help you come to the decision that makes the most sense for you.

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