Using Online MLS® Listings for First Time Home Buyers

It wasn’t too long ago that first time buyers usually started exploring the housing market with a Sunday paper. Today, it’s done online and it’s a 24/7 service. For most Realtors®, the days of advertising in the paper are over. With 95% of first time buyers are starting the home search online, a comprehensive online presence is vital to helping them find what they need.

Good Realtor® websites will have access to all MLS® listings for their area’s real estate directly on the site with a searchable feature. A good listings search will give you different ways you can sort through the listings and explore the houses advertised. There are ways that first time buyers can put these services to good use.

First time buyers can start by looking at neighbourhoods they’re interested in. Don’t worry about price at first; just look thorough Edmonton real estate listings based on where they are. Read the neighbourhood information to discover the features and benefits of each area that is situated conveniently for your needs.

Next, consider what kind of price is realistic. Take into account not just home price, but upgrades and possible renovations needed as well. If you’re looking at buying a house, then take yard maintenance into consideration. Be open to bargains, but factor in costs of repairs if you’re buying a fixer upper.

Once you know what range you can afford, take a look at the prices of homes in the best areas for your needs. If one area doesn’t have the size of home that you need at a price that you can afford, try your second choice. As you find areas you can afford, keep track of them; many realtor® websites let you bookmark your favourite listings or searches so that you can come back to them later.

After you find some homes that might work for you, take those listings and email them to your realtor®, or send them through the site. Ideally, you’ll have a sensible range of prices in a few different neighbourhoods. This gives the realtor® a lot to work with. It lets them know what appeals to you and where you’d like to live. Once they have this information, they can use their knowledge and experience to help you find a home in the most bohemian, artistic areas or in the most exclusive suburbs, whichever fits your needs and style best. So long Sunday paper!


Try a custom Edmonton area MLS® search or contact Chris Proctor via email or phone 780-438-2500 for more information.

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Patti Proctor and her team worked very hard to sell my home. They were very professional and took care of all the details. Patti has kept up with the changing real estate market and used technology to stage and enhance my former home. I will recommend Patti to friends and family.

- Barb Sherman

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