There are many lifestyle factors to consider when moving into a new home. Suitable amenities located near a property are significant things to evaluate during the decision process – this includes amenities for any four-legged family members as well! Having a pet can be a major influence on where you choose to call home, and if you’re interested in relocating to Central Edmonton, there are some key variables to keep in mind.

In-home considerations

Barking is going to happen; however, this becomes more of an issue when you’re living in a denser environment like Central Edmonton. People are going to be living closer to you, therefore making them much more susceptible to any noise. You’ll need to be more mindful of any disruptive sounds you and your pets are making, and preventing excessive barking is vital. There are a few ways to help your dog with over-barking – things like dog training, regular exercise, and social interactions will all help your dog keep his barking in check. Take a look at the City of Edmonton’s Dog Bark Prevention resource for additional information.

You must also be considerate of space. You want your home to have enough room for your pet to feel comfortable. Edmonton’s climate can be a little harsh at times, and your pet may have to be inside for a few days – don’t forget about that when you’re evaluating a potential home’s size. And, if you’re in the market for a condo, be sure to review the property's rules regarding pets living within the building. Some condo developments have strict no-pet policies that can ultimately affect your final decision.

Pet etiquette for the outdoors

Common courtesy is always important, and this becomes even more significant when you are living in high-density areas like Central Edmonton. In addition to be being courteous to the higher volumes of people around you, it is imperative that any rules and bylaws are followed in order to keep unwanted fines at bay. The City of Edmonton’s Pets in the City  resource provides thorough information on policies like picking up after your pet, when and where to keep them on a leash, and licensing information. Take a read through their detailed guide and you’ll be on your way to practicing your best pet etiquette.

Check out centrally located parks

When you’re looking for a pet-friendly neighbourhood in Central Edmonton, it’s a good idea to take a look at the green spaces and parks that are located nearby. Edmonton’s core is filled with great parks to enjoy, but keep in mind that these are public spaces and your pet will most likely be required to stay on a leash. However, there are off-leash parks located throughout Central Edmonton that will give your four-legged friend a little more freedom to run around and play.

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