How Realtors are making use of the popular Pokemon Go Game

Within weeks of being released Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game that was popularized in the 90s, has become a a global phenomenon. Wherever you look, whether online or in the real world, there's no shortage of people looking for Pokemon or talking about Pokemon Go. And in that same short time, as you can see below, businesses are picking up on the craze, and using it to promote themselves! 

But as a real estate agent, I was wondering: are agents using it? The short answer is yes. Pokemon stops, pokemon gyms, and pokemon in general, have quickly become a selling point to use on listings. Here's a few examples of how real estate agents are using the cultural phenomenon known all around the world!

1) This realtor isn't messing around: putting it right in the listing title!

2)  This realtor nonchalantly snuck in this pokeperk.
3) Want the kids out exploring the neighbourhood? This might be the house for you!

4) According to this Virgina realtor, merely having a pokemon in your ad sells.
5) If it wasn't for the squirtle in this post, I would have missed the pokeperk. 

Have you noticed realtors using Pokemon Go to sell their listing? Let us know! Send me a screenshot on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!

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